With 2023 coming to an end, it’s time to take stock of what the Alphabet Files Project achieved in it’s first year of existence.

Three projects saw the light of day featuring Amateur Beauty, The Regular Cats and a solo venture by Experiment SH1310.

Amateur Beauty released 2 full alphabets, a 3-track EP and 2 5-track sampler albums (including 2 remixes and a

bagful of experimental videos – see below). The first album was 26 randomly generated words, the 2nd, AB DB, a homage to Rock God David Bowie.

A 3-track EP from a (a work in progress)3-letter word alphabet was the last new alphabet files project addition. 2 5-track sampler albums are set for release on Christmas Eve (Volume 4 A) and New Year’s Eve (Volume 4 B).

The Regular Cats released a Hip-Hop alphabet. This Chilean/British collaboration released a Hip-Hop themed alphabet in 3 mini-albums, A2H, I2Q, & R2Z, followed by a full 26-track Alphabet version (Hip-Hop Alphabet). A 4 track single featuring 3 new-tracks and a remix is on the verge of release. Watch this space!

Santiago based Experiment SH1310 released a solo contribution to the Alphabet File Project in the form of Crime and Punishment, a haunting electro classical soundscape (with accompanying video) which is ripping up a storm with over 360 plays on Spotify (WOOOOO!).

So, roll on 2024. Let the creativity flow.

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